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  5. "This is a square."

"This is a square."

Translation:He huinahā like kēia.

December 16, 2019

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1 n A quadrilateral or four-sided figure. Ana. Hon. 14. [huina and ha, four]

Note: Under the name huinaha are the following: huinahalike, a square;

huinahaloa, a rectangular parallelogram; huinahahio, four equal sides but oblique angles; huinahahioloihi, an oblique parallelogram; huinahakaulike, a square or parallelogram; huinahalualike, a four-sided figure which has two parallel sides only; huinahalikeole, a four-sided figure where all the sides are unequal.



  1. v. To be like; to resemble as one thing resembles another; to be similar or to have many qualities in common with something else.


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