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"Yes, the championship game is this Saturday."

Translation:ʻAe, aia nō ka hoʻokūkū kahului i kēia Pōʻaono.

December 16, 2019



Wish there were some indication in the English to show the "intensity," such as "indeed" or "definitely," so a person would know that they want you to add "nō."


The indicator is the "Yes" at the start. Consider these slightly different dialogs:

Are you going to watch the game?
"Yes, we are (indeed) going to watch the game."

As opposed to:

What are you doing this weekend?
"We are going to watch the game."

Sometimes you might be able to recognize an emphasis when the context is a significant event, such as winning a big game.

They do the same thing with anei. The use of anei requires a yes or no answer only, but in a polite way.


  1. adv. An affirmative particle; truly; indeed; even so.

4 An intensive, strengthening the idea, connected both with verbs and nouns.


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