"Non è soltanto economico."

Translation:It is not just cheap.

April 26, 2013

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Ho una domanda. I'm wondering what this translation is trying to get at: "It is not just cheap." Because, in English, if you say "It is not just cheap" then you would usually follow it up with something like this, "It is not just cheap, but really cheap." But, if you were saying that the item is not cheap, but rather expensive, you would say, "It is just not cheap" as in you were arguing with someone about if something was cheap or not. So, I'm curious to know if "Non e' soltanto economico" is the former example or the latter example. Any help would be nice.


You could expect a 'but' to follow something like this :)


Va bene. Grazie! L'ho pensato!


I tried this sentence out with a couple of friends - they all came out in favour of "just not" rather than "not just" Maybe there is a place for both translations.


They don't mean the same thing do they? "It is just not cheap" implies it's not cheap no matter how you look at it. "It is not just cheap" implies cheap is only one of its qualities.

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