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"How many brothers do you have?"

Translation:Quot fratres habes?

December 16, 2019



I write "Quot fratres habetis" I know I was assuming that I was talking to more than one person - but is it still wrong?


I also put habetis b/c of plural brothers. wrong.


Believe it was unprecise regarding number, but seems to be corrected now


I think it should be quot fratres tu habes? Since tu stands for u correct me if I'm wrong.


latin is pro-drop (pronoun dropping), so since -s is already the you (second person singular) suffix, the tu is not needed. same thing goes with ego when there's -o, or id when there's -t


I imagine that habes is indicative but habesne is interrogative. Why is it quot fratres habes instead of quot fratres habesne? Is quot inherently interrogative?


Habesne would be the start of a yes or no question. This isn't one as you're asking how many.


Wait. But in the previous lessons habes meant to feel. E.g. Ego bene habeo ( I feel well).


I think habes mean something similar to haber in spanish ("to have"), so ego bene habeo could be translated to "I have well", and takes on the meaning "I feel well"

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