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  5. "voqchuq torgh mara je."

"voqchuq torgh mara je."

Translation:Torg and Mara trust each other.

December 16, 2019



I dont get it why is it in one sentence that you switch the persons and in others not? It seems to be for no reason if the sense doesn't change.


Only switch the persons when the grammar requires you to switch them. If the grammar allows you to keep them in the same order, please keep them in the same order.


If you say Torg trusts Mara then it has to be mara voq torgh because Torg is the one that does the trusting, so he has to come after the verb.

If you say Torg and Mara trust each other then Torg and Mara are both doing the trusting, so both names have to follow the verb. But Torg's name is written first, so keep it that way: voqchuq torgh mara je. While it's true that in this case it means the same thing if you say Mara and Torg trust each other, it's not quite the same, and you know if you've ever been involved in submitting a scientific paper that the order names go in can make quite a lot of difference to some people.


"torgh and mara trust each other" was marked as having a typo, despite spelling Torg's name the Klingon way.

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