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"My house is as big as a mountain."

Translation:Tha an taigh agam cho mòr ri beinn.

December 16, 2019



Would 'Tha mo thaigh' not be acceptable


Did you report it? I think it should be accepted even if an taigh agam would be more common.

See Posession in Scottish Gaelic, 2nd edition by William Lamb, which claims that a house might be referred to as possessed inalienably, also the usage on the net suggests that mo thaigh is also common, I am just a learner though, so if the contributors consider it wrong, it’s their call then – but I don’t think they’d have anything against a report with suggestion. ;-)


I think 'taigh' is something you could definitely get off with using inalienably. I've added it, but as silmeth said, please submit a report next time. We don't always see the comments in these sentence discussions :)

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