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  5. "Filias servatis."

"Filias servatis."

Translation:You save the daughters.

December 16, 2019



Filiae vs filias, anyone??


In the plural cases:

filiae is nominative and vocative. The nominative is used for the subject of a sentence, the one doing the action: filiae servant -> 'the daughters save'. The daughters are the ones doing the action.

filias is accusative. The accusative is used most often as the direct object of the verb, like in this sentence, the daughters are the ones being saved.


Why is it not serve?


From my understanding:

'Serve' would more be when using the verb servio, servire. This would look something more like filiabus servitis (servio takes the dative).


Am I the only one who heard an s instead of an f in "Filias"?

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