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  5. "I was talking with James."

"I was talking with James."

Translation:Bha mi a' bruidhinn ri Seumas.

December 16, 2019



is bruidhinn a catch-all for when we would use both 'speaking' and 'talking' in English or is there any other verb?


Yes it works for both! :)


What's the difference between "còmhla ri" and just "ri"?


còmla ri is along with

ri is to.

So you would use còmhla ri in phrases such as "bha mi a' coiseachd còmhla ri caraidean". I was walking with friends.


To sometimes works a translation for ri, but with is much more reliable. For example, either would work here but only with would work in

Bha e a' sabaid ri dràgon
He was fighting with a dragon

In my view, the best strategy to get the right meaning, rather the right English, is to try with first, then against.

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