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  5. "Chan eil mi math."

"Chan eil mi math."

Translation:I am not good.

December 17, 2019



"Not good" in English can mean "not good but evil" "not good at that skill" and in colloquial US English "not happy or not well" . . . Similar or different usage in Gaelic?


Are we talking to a doctor, or a priest?


Would this translate to "I am not well" or "I am not feeling well"? I wish/hope someone in the know would answer this question, and Mr. Gray-MacColin's. In English, to say "I am not good" literally, and most correctly, means "I am not morally a good person" or would mean, in context, "I am not good" at a certain skill. Saying "I'm not good" when one means "I'm not well" (healthwise) is technically incorrect, grammatically speaking, and is slang for "I'm not well."


I'm female. Is it 'Chan eil mi mhath' then?


No, I don't believe so. I don't believe it works that way in Gaelic. It's correct to say "Tha i math" (She is well) or "tha mi math" regardless of the speaker's gender. We could also correctly say "bean mhath" (a good wife) but "tha bean math" (a wife or woman is good). That's what I remember from the tips and exercises.

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