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Scottish Gaelic just hit 100,000 learners! :D

Congratulations! Meal do naidheachd everyone! I can't wait to see how many learners it will get! Scottish Gaelic is the fastest growing course out of the 3 Duolingo courses released in November! 100,000 learners in under 3 weeks! Let's see how many we'll get in 3 months! :D

December 17, 2019



Here's some interesting stats I found on https://duome.eu/en/gd/

  • 781 students who are studying Scottish Gaelic have had a streak at some point for 100 days or more.
  • 1 student is level 25 - over 30,000 exp
  • 3 students are level 15 - over 7500 exp
  • 4 are level 14 - over 6000 exp

So, so far 8/781 have over 6000 exp in under 3 weeks (19 days as of 16 December, 2019), which to get 6000 exp you need 315 exp a day which isn't too hard to do.

  • 5 are level 13 - over 4900 exp
  • 12 are level 12 :-) - (I'm one of them :D ) - over 3900 exp
  • 26 are level 11 - over 3000 exp
  • 29 are level 10 - over 2250 exp

1+3+4+5+12+26+29 = 80 learners level 10 or higher. 80/781 = 10.2%, which isn't too bad :-)


The one Student at Level 25 seems to be a placeholder of sorts.


Yeah I think they cheated, maybe using a bot. If not, I doubt they learnt much. Either way, definitely an anomaly in my opinion. You're doing well so far with with the course though! What stage are you at the course now Jim? :-)


I’m at level 15 on a completed L3 tree. The first section is at L5 and the second section mostly at L4. II have the advantage of knowing most of the vocabulary, but the spelling is still a challenge for me. They may not have cheated. Maybe they are just rusty native speakers like me.

I guess one challenge is to get the US English neutral enough that it won’t cause problems for learners in Scotland. One of the goals would have to be the promotion of the language in Scotland. It’s a fine line to tread.


Gosh has it only been 3 weeks? I need to slow down a little... with the 2 week “forgetting curve” I’m going to get maximum learning if I don’t rush into level 4 revision. Did notice though that things started clicking into place and feeling a little easier about a week ago :)


Yeah it definitely gets easier with repetition :D


nice to see that you are also doing some welsh and Irish. Both have a very different approach, the Welsh has only one speaker, it's so nice to hear a range of accents and people speaking Scottish Gaelic


Nice... let many complete the tree... All Duolingo courses get many "trialists". But, what matters is those who complete the course


Looks like there's 819 students now on duome now (as of 18 December 2019) and 42 have completed the course (5.13%) :D

Here's the current stats posted on https://duome.eu/en/gd

  • 819 students
  • 96 who are Level 10 - 11.74% (number of students with exp higher than 2,250)
  • 42 Golden Owls - 5.13% (number of students who completed the course)
  • 14 Golden Trees - 1.71% (not sure what this means exactly)
  • 2 students (HOFplaceholder and DonaldAlas) have got to level 5 in every skill (170 crowns) - 0.24%


Ollie, My thoughts are that we should see a jump in those stats from 100 days after the course began as those Gaelic learners new to Duolingo start to kick in . The Duome stats only include those with a 100 day streak or more (at some time). We're up to 47 day so far.


I'm not of Celtic origin but I'm truly happy that people all over the world want to learn this beautiful language. Scottish Gaelic and Welsh are my two favourites on Duolingo. And I have to thank Professor Tolkien and the Outlander show and books.


Cead mile failte a h-uile dhuine!


I am really enjoying this course, diolch yn fawr o Gymru. Moran taing as a Chuimrigh


That's amazing. Well done to all who set it up. I'm loving it so far and learning lots. Have wanted to learn for ages but did not know where to start.


Scottish Gaelic is one of duolingos best made courses, i am particularly impressed by the range of voices, i really love the old lady, and theres a few who pronounce the r nor rolled but as a strange dd sound similar to δ but not quite. As for the hundreds of thousands of learners ... wow. Meall bhur naidheachd go leor. Tapaidh leibh a chairdean Sgoineall!

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