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Scottish Gaelic now has 19 skills - over half of the skills in the course - with tips and notes!

Mealaibh ur naidheachd (congratulations) to the course contributors! This is a huge achievement! Thank you so much again for all the work you're putting in creating this course! Hope one day we'll see all the skills with tips and notes, and maybe even more skills! :D

December 17, 2019



Thank you course contributors, we love you


Is there a page somewhere that has all of the tips and notes in one place?

Edited to add Never mind, I found it :)


Just in case anyone doesn't know, you can find them on the duonotes wikia and duome :-)


this course is so well designed!


Tapaidh leabh, the notes are excellent for this course - clear and useful, plus they crack me up!


Hi Just finished level 5, but following levels are still greyed out - are they not yet available?

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