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  5. "Tha sinn ann an sgoil."

"Tha sinn ann an sgoil."

Translation:We are in a school.

December 17, 2019



See this discussion, tldr is: there is no definite article here, ann an is a single word meaning in (it comes from doubled in-in, there-in), in the school would be anns an sgoil, where the preposition is not doubled and the second an really is the article the.


Here the example is to get you used to "ann an" for being "in" something. There are plenty of things that could be in a school - a person, a table, a cupboard, etc. (I think this module had "the table is in a school", for example).

Since they're giving the English as in a school, take it to mean it's a group of people physically inside a school.

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