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  5. "Tomato juice is horrible!"

"Tomato juice is horrible!"

Translation:Tha sùgh tomàto grànnda!

December 17, 2019



I got the right answer but, is it possible to say, "tha sùgh tomàto sgriosail" instead?


Great. Thanks!


I feel silly asking, but why not "Tha tomàto sùgh grànnda"?


the sentence refers to juice, so juice is the nominative noun

tomato is the kind of juice, so it's in the genitive. we put the genitive after the noun (basically, 'juice of tomato')

but that's what I was here to ask. is there no transformation to tomàto in the genitive?


Yes, but using of to translate genitives causes a lot of confusion over articles. A qualifying word, whether an adjective or a genitive, goes after the noun. You cannot strictly tell from this example which tomàto is, as it does not change in the genitive and sùgh is masculine, but we know from similar examples that is a genitive.

Tomàto does not change in the genitive because it is am imported word. It is not obvious why it has an o at the end. Perhaps it is a mispronunciation of Spanish tomate which is a mispronunciation of Nahuatl tomatl. Whatever the reason, there are no nouns ending in o in Gaelic, so there would have been no way to work out what the genitive should be.


I always think of grànnda as ugly and uabhasach as terrible or horrible. The program didn't accept uabhasach as a correct response. But what do I know or I would not be here.


Why not sgriosail?


Chan eil e cho dona


The mouse-over of "horrible" says grànda - obviously missing an n.


Thank you for flagging this up. However, it is not a typo - rather it is confusion about the correct form. This has been raised on another question very recently so I am going to continue the discussion there as I think there may be a serious error. D


Thought I remembered how to spell grànnda, checked it in the drop-down, which offered grànda. Oops, I thought, misremembered that one, typed in grànda - and lo and behold, I have a typo, it should be grànnda. Mmm-hmmm. :) On scrolling down, I see that this has been discussed elsewhere, so will also look there.


In the hint grànnda is spelt incorrectly

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