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"ʻAe, ke nānā nei au i ka pāʻani."

Translation:Yes, I am watching the game.

December 17, 2019



adv. An affirmative particle; truly; indeed; even so. 4 An intensive, strengthening the idea, connected both with verbs and nouns.



Exactly what I was thinking too. What do you think about this translation of the nō?

Yes, I sure am watching the game. (marked incorrect however ... but flagged)


My problem is what I think is inconsistenty translating both ways. In other words with an English > Hawaiian I cannot guess whether they want the nō or not. Going the other way Hawaiian > English generally they omit the translation of the emphasis. Or am I missing something?


Just because DL marks you wrong, it doesn't necessarily mean you are wrong. I could mean that they didn't think of that answer when they made the key. When I get marked wrong, I evaluate whether it was a conceptual error (i.e. I understood something incorrectly), a careless error or a lack of knowledge. If I don't agree with the key, then I look it up. If I think I'm right, I flag and/or post here in the discussion forum.


Mahalo no nā ʻōlelo aʻo maikaʻi. Thank you for the good advice.

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