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  5. "Thoir dhomh am peann."

"Thoir dhomh am peann."

Translation:Give me the pen.

December 17, 2019



That doesn't sound like the text, at the end. Or maybe I am not understanding the pronunciation.


It sounds odd to me too, as if there's an extra syllable between "thoir" and "dhomh". Is it just the /r/ at the end of "thoir" that's causing that?


"dh" before a broad vowel is a difficult sound, both to make and to hear. I try to listen to as many variations of it as I can find, that helps a bit.


I also hear something else between the "thoir" and the "dhomh," almost like "thoir mo dhomh."


Q on word order here:
dhomh is before am peann (which is following the English) but these compound prepositions generally seem to follow the object and we have seen other sentences in which there preposition do (to) does as well: eg. tog pòg dhomh...

...so can you also say thoir am peann dhomh? Or not, and is there some subtle reasoning and grammar/logic for this?

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