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  5. "Tha dreasa aig Anna."

"Tha dreasa aig Anna."

Translation:Anna has a dress.

December 18, 2019



Is 'aig' for both male and female?


Aig just means "at". So yes.


I'm noticing i'm getting annoyed at the translations to English. Part of what i love about learning another language is the opportunity to see the world in a new way. This is diminished, or lost, when we fit it so closely to English. I like holding this as " the dress at Anna", (if i havent forgotten the sentence now)...


It would be 'Is dress at Anna'


Could it be translated as Anna's dress?


Horrid pronunciation again. I spoke Gàidhlig quite fluently and frequently from age about 12 until age 69 ( and spent some time teaching it in the 1990s) but never heard "aig" pronounced like "Ike" (wrong vowel and broad k instead of right vowel and narrow k). It was always "ekʲ" before I discovered yet another of the horrors of Duolingo's regular mispronunciation of Gàidhlig na h-Alba (on what I've seen so far, the Gàidhlig course apart from pronunciation is a lot better than the Irish course is - actually it's difficult to understand how glaringly obvious horrendous grammatical errors on the Irish course can remain unfixed and mislead people for more than five years).

I started the Gàidhlig course on Duolingo simply to remind me of the bits of Gàidhlig that I had forgotten during the time 2004 to 2018 when I had hardly any contact at all with Scottish Gaelic speakers (from Dec 2009 to Dec 2019 I used Irish Gaelic quite a bit, and then did the Duolingo Irish beginners course as my Irish was definitely pretty poor) and when I finished that I started on the Duolingo Gàidhlig course in the hope that it would make me remember all that I'd forgotten - but its mispronunciation is driving me bats, as is also Duolingo's regular throwing away of my Gàidhlig profile so that I have to go back to the very beginning again because it's my profile which determines which things I can choose to look at next.

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