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  5. "Ad villam noctu advenio."

"Ad villam noctu advenio."

Translation:I arrive at the house at night.

December 18, 2019



What's house and home in Latin?


There are a few.

Generally your go-to word is "villa". Technically it refers to a specific building design (for rich people), but it maps fairly well to our modern multi-room heated home with running water idea.

"Casa" is sometimes translated as "cottage" or "shack" - think a single-room, open firepit hut for peasants. The lower classes might also live in an "Insula", or apartment building.

"Domus" is the word for home, but for whatever reason, i haven't seen it used much.


I'd use domus as the common meaning for house or home. Latin has other words, too, as they described on the comments. Did you know? Most romance languages use the word casa which is derived from Latin, so I would use this one as well.


In this case, it would be villam.


Is "ad" before villam necessary, when there's ad in advenio already? Or doesn't it work this way?


Ad vīllam noctu advenīo.


ad vīllam noctu advenīo


She is not speaking very clearly!

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