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  5. "Seall, tha lèine orm."

"Seall, tha lèine orm."

Translation:Look, I have a shirt on.

December 18, 2019



It accepted "Look, I'm wearing a shirt."

[deactivated user]

    How is "See, I'm wearing a shirt," not correct. If the idea is to translate into English, I assert as a native speaker of Canadian English, that my answer is not only correct, but better.


    As a native Scot, I would say they mean different things, and that 'look' is correct whereas 'see' is not.


    They absolutely do mean different things in English, and so they have different translations in Gaelic, but when it comes to seall, it can be translated as either 'look' or 'see':

    look/see > seall

    see > faic

    look > coimhead


    For a bit of insight; usually we'll accept 'see' when seall appears as well. 'Seall' is the most commonly used word in this context (it's kind of like a set phrase if that makes sense?), but it can mean either 'look' or 'see'. I wouldn't necessarily agree that your translation is better, but it is a valid one.


    This sentence makes me think of my brother XD

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