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Irish and Dutch: can someone explain why the incubated courses tend to get "stuck" at 99%?

I'm definitely not trying to sass the hardworking mods and admins who help to roll this stuff out, but I'm just very eager to check out the upcoming beta courses! Can someone "in the know" put my mind at ease by explaining what the next step in this process is? What, exactly, is responsible for the apparent hold-up?

July 2, 2014



There's a testing functionality the dev team needs to finish implementing so the contributors can use it before releasing the course. The 99% is just how much of the course material has been completed and doesn't account for this testing procedure.


Thank you! That makes sense.


They have to test the courses and add new words in, so it really isn't at 99%. I've heard the earliest the two would be released is today, but I think it will be longer.


yeah, it doesnt seem like it is actually at 99%

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