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  5. "Cha toil leam cait idir."

"Cha toil leam cait idir."

Translation:I do not like cats at all.

December 18, 2019



how can you not like cats?


I know, right?
It hurts my soul to even have to type this sentence.


Another wee thing to check - I clicked on do then n't rather than not, and it said I'd a typo - if it's on offer, and correct, it should be accepted, just a wee glitch to sort. The n't thing worked in an earlier example. Thank you.


Duolingo should automatically accept that. :)


Accepted "ihir" also. Is this a valid alternative? Formal/informal or a mistake? Thanks


It's a mistake. It should be idir. What you typed is only off by one letter so duolingo automatically considered it only a typo. Usually it will accept it but tell you that you had a typo. Some times it forgets to mention the typo - that's a bug only the developers can fix (and they probably won't).

Anyway... Short version: "idir" is the only correct version.

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