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Duolingo keeps logging me out

Since about a week or so, Duolingo is logging me out randomly. Often when I push the 'strengthen skills' button, also often when I've finished strengthening when it's calculating my points, it will suddenly just tell me to sign in without adding the points. It happens so often it's really starting to get on my nerves. I love Duolingo but I can't be signing in again every ten seconds. Has anyone else had the same problem? It's not an 'app' problem as I practice on my laptop. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!

July 2, 2014



I don't get logged out, but it does sometimes freeze up on me when I have finished a lesson. It's like it just stops responding and all I can do is quit the lesson and do it all over again. It doesn't happen too often, and usually if I close my browser and then restart the computer, it seems to clear things up.


Jesus that's an extreme solution! I usually just leave it open in a tab while I go and do other stuff and it eventually pops through.


Well yeah, if it eventually popped through I wouldn't restart. But it doesn't.


And closing and reopening the browser (possibly deleting cookies as well) doesn't work? Everytime I meet someone who thinks restarting their computer is an appropriate fix to a problem I die a little inside. ;P


Yes, sometimes closing/reopening the browser does it, sometimes not. I feel guilty for contributing to your slow death but sometimes restarting is necessary. But it may reassure you to know I only have to do it on rare occasions. ;-)


done that, too, but to no avail.


Lesson freeze up keeps occurring more often now than when I started a month ago. I wonder, whether their servers are overloaded with more people being online.


Could you check whether your browser accepts cookies for Duolingo?


I had this. I have a plugin for my browser (midori) that deletes cookies each hour except for ones I've white listed and initially it would log me out of duolingo.


Have you tried using a different web browser?

By the way you might want to move this to the troubleshooting section: click "Edit" below your post and change the topic to "Troubleshooting".

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