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"Tha mo phiuthar gu math spaideil."

Translation:My sister is really well-dressed.

December 18, 2019



why is "really" correct and not "quite" in translating gu math?


To be fair, quite and really are approximate translations of gu math. They aren't exact.


One of the wrong options offered was spaideal. 'My sister is not spatula' just sounded weird to me. Yes, I knew it was wrong because 'spatula' is not an adjective.


In Scotland to say someone is smart may mean 'clever' or 'well-dressed'


Yes and in many dialects. So if asked to translate smart into Gaelic you could say glic. Am Faclair Beag gives smart for both words.

But if your point is that learners could be confused by this question into thinking that spaideil meant 'clever' then you are right, and right to point this out. This is the peril of learning vocab from sentences. So, for the avoidance of doubt:

Spaideil does not mean 'clever'. It means 'well-dressed'.

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