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  5. "You count four sons."

"You count four sons."

Translation:Quattuor filios numeras.

December 18, 2019



Why is "Filios quattor numeras" wrong?


Quality adjective: an adjective that shows quality (good, bad, pretty, fast, etc.)

Quantity adjective: an adjective of number (some, forty, one, eight, half)

A quantity adjective goes directly before the noun it describes, while a quality adjective goes after the noun it describes.

Four is a quantity adjective. It shows how many sons. Because of this, "Quattuor" would go before the noun it describes - filios.

I hope that helped! :)


In another exercise in this lesson we are given "Tabellarius epistulas multas portat." How is "epistulas multas" different from "filios quattor"?


Good question.

I believe multus, (a, um) is an exception to this rule. :)

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