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  5. "An duine agam."

"An duine agam."

Translation:My husband.

December 18, 2019



I thought "agam" was a verb? I'm slightly confused. It's always been "I have X" until now.


It's "at me." Afaict you can't get to the lesson notes with the app, but if you log into the website it explains a lot.


Yes, as TroyLatta said, the lesson notes help out with this a lot. "Agam" is a prepositional pronoun and a combination of "mi" plus the preposition "aig".


Won't this be "mo duine" -- my husband .. as we are referring here to a person.

If I am not wrong.. mo is often used with people.


*mo dhuine

Technically not. I've no idea why. Mo bhean is "my wife", but usually "an duine agam" is used for husband. Some people do say mo dhuine though, but that is a new thing.

Never say mo nigheann though for my daughter. That would imply you had an intimate relationship with your daughter.


Very interesting distinction here between "mo" implying ownership and "agam" implying "with me" (more literally "at me"). We don't have that in Irish, using "mo" indiscriminately as "my". Russian has both flavours, "мой" and "у меня", though they seem to be interchangeable.


So, would one use "am bean agam" for "my wife?"


How would you say "I have a husband?"


Might that be "Tha duine agam"??

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