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  5. "Seo seanair beag."

"Seo seanair beag."

Translation:This is a small grandfather.

December 18, 2019



I mistakenly translated this as This grandfather is small. Just out of curiosity, how would you say that in Gadhlig?


tha an seanair seo beag

seo needs to go after the noun it is attributing and the noun needs to be definite (so ‘this grandfather’ is an seanair seo), on its own it means this is…

(edit: and again I didn’t put an before a noun attributed by seo)


Almost! 'Tha an seanair seo beag'. :)


Of course. You got me on the same mistake I did another time when commenting on the usage of seo after a noun. No idea why I keep doing it. Thanks for catching it. :)


No bother, glad I can help :)

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