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"Missing" Vocabulary Lists

I just completed the lessons for 'Food,' and 'Time.' I am ready to begin the category for 'Time.' It seems that vocabulary lists are no longer being provided. Are they discontinued? Or, am I not correctly performing a certain function, in order to see them? (I use a Motorola smart phone, for completing the lessons.)

Thank you.

December 18, 2019

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(I am keeping this on file now. I guess it's a good sign that the Latin forum is active enough that older messages about the tips, notes and vocabulary lists get pushed down.)

There are no notes, tips or vocabulary lists ... at this time ... for the final 10 skill sets.

Not being a course contributor, I don't know when that will change.

Here's another link to a similar discussion. One of the contributors says there are plans to do more tips, so that's good news.


In lieu of those ...

I've assuming you know about the sentence discussions, dictionary and words list here on Duolingo.

Here's a discussion about other helpful sources on the Web:


This is the link I generally open when I do Latin lessons here:


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