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Le Petit Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's classic is available for $1 as an e-book from Amazon (have not checked B).

And, if you get France's TV5 on cable, there is an animated series called Le Petit Prince. Unlike many of France's animated series, this one is fairly easy to understand.

The vocabulary in the book seems fairly basic, the drawings are sweet. One does need to understand verb tenses.

July 30, 2012



Thanks for the suggestion re Le journal en français facile, Kimojima. I don't use iTunes so did a little search and found it on this page - http://www.rfi.fr/lffr/statiques/accueil_apprendre.asp It's produced by Radio France International and on that page they also give a link to the transcript of the broadcast. Off now to listen to my first Journal :)


kimojima & Oskalingo: Thank you for the Journal en francais facile info. I just added it to my podcast list on my tablet (Kindle Fire).

I can access tons of French radio stations via the TuneIn Radio Pro app available on the Fire (and probably the other tablets), but there are so very many that I kind of gave up trying to find one that would be useful.

This seems perfect. Thanks again.


You can read it here too, in several languages, online, for free: http://www.laetaprinco.org

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