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  5. "Oh how melodious!"

"Oh how melodious!"

Translation:Hū ka nahenahe!

December 19, 2019



1 nvi To rise or swell, as yeast or souring poi; to ferment, leaven, overflow, percolate, effervesce, boil over; to surge or rise to the surface, as emotion; to gush forth; rising, swelling, outburst. Cf. huaʻi. Perena hū ʻole, unleavened bread. Hū ka ʻaka, to burst into laughter, guffaw. Hū ka pele, to pour forth lava, erupt. Inā hū aku kou ʻuhane i ka po ʻe pōloli, if your soul has compassion for the hungry people. Hū mai ke aloha no ka ʻāina, love for the homeland swells forth. He hū wale mehe wai lā, unstable as water. hoʻohū To leaven, cause to rise, inflate, swell, overflow; yeast, baking powder.



QMahalo! That's actually helpful. Got a similar explanation for "Aue" so we can decide which to use in any given situation?


I think it's auē or hū but not both. I got busted on this one too.

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