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  5. "Aia i hea ka lua?"

"Aia i hea ka lua?"

Translation:Where is the bathroom?

December 19, 2019



Aia i hea ka lau? and Aia ka lua i hea?

What is the difference between these two questions? Do they both mean exactly the same thing? Are there subtle differences I am not picking up?

Or, is this more along the lines of just two ways to ask the same question?

Mahalo for helping me understand. :)


The two definetly mean the same thing from everything ive managed to look up. Im presuming that duolingo is just showing that there is casual variation in basic sentence patterns, the same as you'd find in any language.


My understanding is they are the same, albeit there might be a small emphasis on the thing that moves forward in the sentence. Like with a pepeke ʻaike ʻo, the thing that Moves forward might have a slight emphasis. I asked people who’ve been around spoken Hawaiian for years and they indicated “aia i hea...” is probably more common... maybe because in a “where” question, the location is naturally emphasized.


Aia i hea ka lua?/Aia ka lua i hea?

It's the same thing and both are accepted.


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