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"What is the score of the game?"

Translation:ʻEhia ka helu ʻai o ka hoʻokūkū?

December 19, 2019



Why is "What" translated as "'ehia," and not "he aha?" So then, in English would the phrase be "how much is the score?" I never liked sports before; I'm REALLY learning to hate them now - this whole "sports" section is SO confusing! No wonder they put it so close to the end! It's the most difficult for me so far!


Translate the sentence as a whole, not word by word. How much is more literal, and certainly not wrong, but what is more idiomatically common in English.


Why can't "pa'ani" be used in place of "ho'okuku?"


I think I read elsewhere that pa'ani is more generally "game" (like any kind) where ho'okuku is more specifically a sporting match-up (game). ?? But I'm guessing.


helu ʻai

1 n Score, as in sports or games.


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