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"هَل ساحِل هٰذا الْبَلَد قَصير؟"

Translation:Is this country's coast short?

December 19, 2019



This is one hell of a word sequence right here..


As a Hebrew speaker, I was able to figure this out. We have a similar word order. But I agree 100% that there is no possible way for people whose native language is English to have figured out how to translate this.


You should have more faith in people ;)


Figured it out despite not being a native English speaker.


هَلْ سَاحِلُ هَذَا الْبَلَدِ قَصِيْرٌ؟

"hal saaHil(u) hadhaa 2al-balad(i) qaSiir(un)?"

Hi @samsoniteboi, I put the full diacritic marks of the sequence "hell" words below your post! Hope it helps you a bit to avoid the "hell". Actually, I don't know what you mean about "hell" :))


The possesive linking works on a statement sentence but doesn't seem to flow right as a question.

Shouldn't it be:

هل الساحل في هذا البلد قصير؟



The question is using 2iDaafa(h). ساحلُ هَذا البلدِ. It's a valid statement with the hidden لِ meaning. If we change it with الساحل في هذا البلد, the meaning will change a bit.

Note also that 2iDaafa(h) with the في meaning is a little.


Please accept هذا


I can't even type that second letter. I know where it should be, under the `~ key top left. But no combination of shift/alt/ctrl lets me type a "dh" letter. Can somebody help?


I also find difficult the syntax/sequence... Is it literally like "is the coast of this country short?" ?


هَلْ سَاحِلُ هَذا الْبَلَدِ قَصَيْرٌ؟

"hal saaHil(u) hadhaa 2al-baladi qaSiir(un)?"


Wow, this brings back memories. If I remember correctly from an old Arabic teacher, it's good to think of it this way (not that you can use it as a valid Duolingo translation) to get it right in your head:

"[As for] the coast of this country, is it short?"

Arabic speakers, please feel free to correct me if this is wrong.


I have no idea what this question even means... how can a coast be “short” ?


Bosnia and Herzegovina has a short coastline. That's most likely what it means.


In distance short is the opposite of long. So the coast is not long


I have a question about emphasis. Is it the case that the emphasis always (most times? some times?) comes after a sukun (or the last sukun?). Thank you



Pardon me, do you mean "emphasis" is ال? If it's what you mean, using the ال is a bit complex because there are many kinds of ال. Each has its own meaning. But, for the basic, it's applied for something that we have already known and recognised. So, البلد means we know which country is and is not unknown.


Cant it be country's short coast instead?

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