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Latin to Spanish Sound Changes and a Time Machine

The following links are in Spanish.

If you’re like me you’re studying Latin to help boost your skills with a Romance Language (in my case Spanish and Portuguese). Anyway I found the below document and a fun tool that can (but not always) convert a Latin word into its approximate en Español.

The big take always: 1. nouns and adjectives were formed from the accusative case (that’s why romance plurals generally end with an s). 2. The neuter nouns generally became masculine. 3. Final consonants were dropped 4. 2nd and 3rd conjugations merged 5. In Spanish leading f consonants (generally) became H.

So, what else do you notice? My favorite was the PL to CH to LL shift. How about you?

The time machine: http://www.molinarium.com/maquinatiempo.html


December 19, 2019



I found these useful and interesting. Thank you


Yo siempre he pensao ... Que el castellano es un latín mal hablao.

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