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  5. "Chan eil Canada beag."

"Chan eil Canada beag."

Translation:Canada is not small.

December 19, 2019



Recognising dialects and accents is a big part of learning any language. I wish people would stop being so negative about people who are clearly trying to teach you about their language


The speaker is very difficult to understand


This voice is not clear at all and i had a difficult time even hearing the words


I only barely understood it after listening three times very closely, this is on July 4 2020 for if it gets updated


I find this accent difficult to follow and appreciate it is a native gaelic speaker from Lewis?


Question: why is it "Chan eil Canada beag" and not "Chan eil Canada bheag"? Is anyone willing/able to help me understand this. Chan eil mi a'tuigsinn seo.


Adding the "h" is called "lenition". "Beag" is the base form of the word. There is just nothing leniting the word here. If it had a modifier, it would lenite. For example: "Chan eil Canada glè bheag".

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