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A suggestion for the next iteration of the course

Hi there! I was wondering if it's possible to make a change to the checkpoints in the next iteration of course? At the moment the course is split up as follows:

  • 8 skills
  • 6 skills
  • 16 skills
  • 4 skills

If it's possible, could you make the 3rd part (the one with 16 skills) smaller? I think it'd be better to split the 16 skills like this:

  • 6 skills
  • 8 skills
  • And then combine the last two skills with the four in the next part.

At the moment, because the third part is quite long, it feels a bit of a slog going through it. So if it is possible to split it up a bit, that would be so helpful! Thanks! :-)

December 19, 2019



I also hope they add more verbs (tenses, moods) so that we can develop a wider range of conversation skills


Will keep that in mind! Have taken a screenshot and will share with others. I hadn’t given a huge amount of thought to the checkpoints so quite open to adjusting them. Would need to have a thing as part of Phase 2.


Whay does "a thing as part of Phase 2" mean? :-)

To give you some context of my personal experience, I passed the 2nd checkpoint on Saturday 30th November, and I'm just about to complete the 3rd checkpoint on 23 December, so it is quite a hard checkpoint to get up to. I think it'd be good to break the course into smaller parts, but that's just my personal opinion of course :-)


I think that should have been 'think' instead of 'thing' :)

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