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"Tha mo phiuthar ann an seada mòr."

Translation:My sister is in a big shed.

December 19, 2019



Who put her there? Is Iain her brother?


Iain is trouble. It's all very sinister!


Maybe it's a "she-shed" the woman's equivalent to the man-cave


Small outdoor storage buildings. People usually put gardening tools and such in them.


Seems like they spend a lot of time in them and really enjoy them! What gets me about this sentence is "ann an seada" equating to "in a shed". I'm already having trouble making "an" map to "the" in English (because it seems like the English "a/an" - leaving out "am" for now ...), but here it is equating to "a"! I know there's some definite versus indefinite article versus 'particle' and prepositional grammar going on here, but can someone link to the tips page where it's discussed? O_o ... Taing! 8-)


If it was "in THE shed" you would say ANNS an seada


It's not. "ann an/am" is nothing to do with "an/am/an t-, etc" it's a set phrase that means simply 'in' (and can actually be replaced by simply "an" which also means in, but is even more confusing!).


Why is this "a shed" not "the shed", when an is there before seada, and the drop down when you press for a hint says it means "the"

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