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"Cha toil leam Mòrag, chan eil i toilichte."

Translation:I do not like Morag, she is not happy.

December 19, 2019



Some fantastic reasons not to like a person. Well done, Duo, you superficial green avian, you.


Perhaps she is not happy because "I" do not like her...


I saw on another thread where someone said toilichte could sometimes mean "pleased". If you think of it that way it changes the meaning.

I don't like Morag. (Because of that) She is not pleased.


I'm taking this as a personal affront. I may have to speak to my lawyer...


Chan eil thu toilichte idir... Tha mi duilich.


I'll take your case. (I'm not a lawyer, but I played Aticus Finch in my High School Senior play).


But he lost and the defendant was killed!


Maybe Morag is not happy because she is not liked. Or maybe she's just depressed. Either way, Morag needs a hug.


This is not a nice sentence, but gives one an opportunity to reflect. I guess we really do this.


I don't know if anyone else has noticed this about the audio or not. But it seems like the person speaking is a bit away from the microphone and seems muffled. I have only had this happen a few times. Other than that have no problems with this app.


You know what? I've decided I like Mòrag. I can empathise with not being happy. Come over here 'Rags, let's and have a drink and watch something stupid on Netflix.

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