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  5. "Do you like salty fish?"

"Do you like salty fish?"

Translation:Placetne tibi piscis salsus?

December 19, 2019



isn't it "do you like a salty fish" ??? Isn't the generalization "Pisces salsi mihi placent?"


I agree with you, but a year later, nothing has been changed.


I think something has gone awry, the part of the sentence that was filled in already has been flagged as having a spelling error.


What might be wrong with my Piscis salsus tibi placet?? I think I read the tips that said suffixation of -ne is optional.


I got this as a choose-the-bubbles "Write this in Latin". The bubbles were:

piscis, pecuniosa, Placetne, garum, triclinio, salsus, salsi, tibi.

I chose "Placetne tibi piscis salsi", which was marked green, but with "You have a typo. -Placentne- tibi -pisces- salsi?" (with dashes indicating underlined text, and no, the extra 'n' in "Placentne" is not my typo).

So what's the actually-correct answer, and what the F is going on?


Your answer of Placetne tibi piscis salsi is incorrect with the adjective salsi if you were wanting to use the singular form piscis. You would have had to use salsus.

Duo probably assumed you were trying to use the plural pisces since you used salsi (just with how it's typo system seems to work from what I have seen).


But the "fish" in "do you like salty fish?" is plural. (You wouldn't ask "do you like salty egg?", would you?) I did the best I could with the available bubbles, figuring it'd be marked wrong and I could see what the heck they were aiming for, but instead got the nonsensical typo message (which really should not apply to choose-the-bubble: I didn't type anything, it's not my typo!).


And piscis, the singular form, can be used as a collective noun, which would express the English sentence.


Four months later (2020-09-22)and the same thing is happening. I had exactly the same experience as Gemina - pick tiles exercise, with two of the tiles incorrect: the singular form of placetne, rather than the plural; and the singular form piscis

Marked correct with two "typos" - except I didn't type anything, I picked tiles.


I see this problem was flagged six months ago. I'm surprised it hasn't been corrected yet.

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