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Bing on Cbeebies Alba!

I only started this course 12 days ago and already I feel I've learnt so much! Thank you to the people involved in creating this course, as Gaelic something I've always wanted to learn.

The first few days i was clocking up over 500 xp a day but for the past few days I've slowed down, but not because I've stopped learning. I've been trying to find ways of supplementing the learning I'm getting here such as listening to BBC Geal whilst driving, listening to a lot of old Runrig, and watching old episodes of "Speak our Language" - easily found on YouTube.

But the best thing I have come across is Bing! on Cbeebies Alba, not only is my young daughter getting exposed to Gaelic, but Bing is right where my Gaelic levels are at right now and I can understand about 40% of everything said.

December 19, 2019



This sounds great! Is it on YouTube?

Edit ... Found it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00068ql It seems that it only works in the UK.


I tried to find a copy on youtube, but failed :(

You could use a vpn and connect to a uk server though, then the iPlayer would work


Thank you. Since retiring from engineering I've lost all interest in computers, software, and the like so I doubt I will follow through with this. But I appreciate your thoughtfulness.


BBC iPlayer blocks most VPNs, sadly.


Unfortunately true. I've tried several and am now resolved to no access. But that is probably true of most (all?) Scottish Gaelic learners outside the UK. Some days even BBC/iPlayer clips on twitter are blocked!

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