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"Bha dìle ann agus tha mi bog fliuch."

Translation:There was a downpour and I am soaking wet.

December 19, 2019



If the translation is too free, there will be too many possible answers to take into account. There would always be another one.


Is the answer not just as valid without the wet at the end?


Yes and no. Literally this says soaking (bog) wet (fliuch).


This is the old dilemma of literal translation and translation into natural usage. Personally I think it is better to get people away from too literal translations however the judgement is how free should the translation be.


Wait a minute, when i put I am soaked for bog fliuch i was marked wrong. Consistency is important to learners.


Should thunderstorm be accepted as well as downpour?


Soaking wet is common usage


Since when it is dìle with an d? It's a bit annoying when you have learned for more than a year that it is tìle and all of a sudden it changes. Just saying, still enjoy the course....

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