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  5. "There is a toilet."

"There is a toilet."

Translation:Tha taigh-beag ann.

December 19, 2019



Should answer be "tha taigh-beag ann" as red answer section show or "sin taigh-beag" as per above?


"Tha taigh-beag ann" was accepted for me today (July/20)


As Sarah replied, "tha taigh-beag ann" works but I'm curious if that's because the English is ambiguous and because sin is being translated as both "that" and "there".

I thought it was a bit of:

Sin taigh-beag - that/there is a toilet (as in you can currently point to it)

Tha taigh-beag ann - there is a toilet (a toilet exists at some place)

If there's a formal clarification between the two (sin/ tha ann), it'd be good to put in the notes.


I had tiles and "Sin" was not an option.


so far I have not sound on taigh-beag


There's a known bug in DuoLingo when it comes to words containing hyphens; they're working on a fix but don't yet know when it will be resolved.


Does "tha taigh-beag" mean There is a toilet over there or does it mean there happens to be a toilet?


I think "tha taigh-beag [ann]" means there is a toilet (if I am not mistaken). The "sin" places it "there". If it was "here" it would be "seo". I hope I am right & it helps. :)


Sinn taigh-beag ann was marked wrong. When is it tha and when sin and why?


It would never be "sinn" since that's we/us. Tha taigh-beag ann roughly translates to "A toilet is in existence". Sin taigh-beag would probably be represented in English as "A toilet is there" to eliminate ambiguity in meaning.


LOL. Sorry, my typo "sinn" in the above comment. Didn't mean "we are a toilet" 8~)

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