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"Is it permitted that I use the telephone?"

Translation:ghogh HablI' vIlo' net chaw''a'?

December 19, 2019



Shouldn't this sentence have chaw in the passive voice because who is doing the permitting is never identified?

Something like this: ghogh HablI' vIlI' net chawlu''a'

The correct sentence is given as: ghogh HablI' vIlo' net chaw''a'? But that is wrong isn't it? If there were a subject doing the permitting then the English sentence would say something with the verb 'do' such as Do you permit that I use the telephone? or Do they they permit that I use the telephone? and so on.


chaw DOES have an indefinite subject already. That's what net means. net = 'e' ...lu'.


Thank you. I forgot that.


Klingon does not have a passive voice!

Passive voice is where the subject is acted upon by the performer of the action. The subject does not perform the action.

In a simple Klingon sentence with the indefinite subject, you cannot say that the subject is acted upon by the performer of the action. vIleghlu'pu' I have been seen. In English, it's passive, because I, the subject, am being acted upon (seen), but in Klingon there IS no subject, and jIH, being acted upon, am the object, not subject. If you translate the sentence into English with an impersonal subject, you get a better sense of what the Klingon is really saying: Someone (unspecified) has seen me.

net performs the same function as 'e', except you use net when the following sentence of the sentence-as-object construction has an indefinite subject. Except for certain set phrases, you never say 'e' verblu'; you always say net verb.


Thanks. I forgot that net is used for the indefinite subject. That resolves my problem. I have had a crazy year and didn't touch Klingon for the last year so I forgot some things like that.

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