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  5. "Shinty is good for you."

"Shinty is good for you."

Translation:Tha iomain math dhut.

December 19, 2019



I thought the word "shinty" came from Gaelic. Is it an Irish Gaelic word?


Irish has iománaíocht or iomáin(t), called hurling in English, and the female variety (cause apparently in Ireland there are different rulesets for boys and for girls) of the game is called camógaíocht in Irish, camogie in English.

Wikipedia claims the origin of the name shinty is uncertain:

The origins of the name shinty are uncertain. There is a theory that the name was derived from the cries used in the game; shin ye, shin you and shin t'ye, other dialect names were shinnins, shinnack and shinnup, or as Hugh Dan MacLennan proposes from the Scottish Gaelic sìnteag.


But what is it? In the US hurling is slang for vomiting. Is this a post drinking bout distance event?


Dear, oh dear! Shinty is a game something like hockey. I've never played it myself, but I gather it has a great popular following, with league tables, in the Highlands. Sorley McLean was a champion at it, as well as being the greatest Gaelic poet of the twentieth century.


Grass hockey.

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