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My first Swahili dream!

I believe the first time I dream in a new language is a milestone to be celebrated! I had a dream about a goat meat pizza (of all things!), and the workers couldn't figure out who ordered it. I was able to ask the table next to me if they ordered nyama ya mbuzi and they did!

Anyone else dream in a new language?

December 19, 2019



That's great and definitely something to celebrate. Unfortunately, I have yet to dream in Swahili or any of my other languages, like German and even English. I did once dream in Hungarian though, but as I have never learned or came across Hungarian in my life, I'm still confused as to why and how.


Lovely name you got there


I've always wanted to try Swahili because I sing in that language a lot for chorus. How is it? (Only thing I can say, Baba yetu yetu liye mbingu yetu yetu amina)


It is an awesome language, but hard to learn for two reasons: 1. Between e.g. Dutch and English and German, many words are similar. Swahili is not using a lot of words from European languages. This makes it hard to learn the words. 2. Swahili has some complex grammar issues. One of them is the use of about 10 noun classes, which need a lot of conjugations that can be very confusing. For verbs it uses prefixes, infixes, postfixes in most cases just a short syllable. This makes the language very compact, but it is hard to decode the grammar in your head. This needs a lot of practice.

But, I say it again, it is an awesome language to learn.


I have struggled a bit, until I realized the desktop version has tips to help with the grammar and rules. It makes so much more sense now :) I have only ever learned Romance languages or German, which shares a root with English. It has been interesting to see how similar languages are, like the pronunciation is similar to Spanish, and parts of the structure. But then there will be other structures that I haven't come across before, and struggle to comprehend. I'm really having fun!


No, not yet. I hope to, one day . . . this was super inspiring!

Hakuna Matata!


I have. I am in the beginning stages of duolingo but I have also already learned some things that aren't learned until later on in the course. My fiance is Kenyan and started out teaching me so I do get a little bit of conversation practice and learning ahead of the lessons. I dream in Swahili very often because I am often forced to speak it with his family, friends and his three year old daughter. She has yet to master Swahili or English but she responds better to Swahili. So a lot of my dreams are actually in Swahili. I always dream I'm living in Kenya and where my Swahili would get me at this point.

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