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"Lani's nephew lives on Molokaʻi."

Translation:Noho kā Lani keiki kāne hanauna ma Molokaʻi.

December 19, 2019



There was an article in the Star-Advertiser recently asserting that the proper pronunciation of "Moloka'i" doesn't have the 'okina. (Also true of "Kaua'i," I believe.)


noho ma molokai ke keiki kane hanauna o lani


Aloha e jt_air. I too wished to use o Lani format, although I am confused if it is not ‘o Lani. I still put the location at the end. I have not seen the inversion as you have but you may be correct. I think the exercises in this lesson are about using ona, ana, ka — possessive forms, but does that mean o Lani is wrong?

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