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"Càite a bheil thu ag obair? Ann am margadh?"

Translation:Where are you working? In a market?

December 20, 2019



The audio for this sentence (About Me, Lesson 5), seems really fast "Càite a bheil thu ag obair?". If it's possible, would one of the contributors be able redo the audio for the next iteration of the course? I worry this listening exercise might cause people to lose an unneeded heart in the health version of the app. Hope that made sense. :-)


I agree this is too fast for the app version, since those hearts are needed; but I kind of like pushing myself when using my laptop. Maybe the whole hearts idea needs a rethink? Or maybe a "slow it down" choice could somehow be added?


This one was especially fast. I wish we could have a slow version like they do in the Spanish lessons.


Okay, Is this the right logic? Ann am is "in" and the am is not "the" in this case.


I agree the audio is very fast. I think for learners it needs to be slower.


I agree that many are too fast, but I am slowly adapting. Perhaps slow it down when asking for translation to English by writing instead of choosing?


WOW! Like trying to advance from copying 13 WPM to 30 WPM of morse code in one strp!


What is the heart thing? Somehow, I missed it. Guess my old eyes are out if sync or something


It's only on the mobile app, not on the desktop version. If you make mistakes, you lose hearts. I think if you run out of hearts, you can't do any more lessons until you either wait 'til they fill back up or buy more with lingots. I'm not fully sure of that, since I prefer the desktop version and rarely use the mobile app.


Maybe it's because I don't update (last time I did, Duo went from a pretty nice 3D figure to an ugly flat one) but I only lose bonus points for getting things wrong. I have never not been able to complete a lesson because of too many mistakes.

The only thing you need to watch out for mistakes on is the checkpoint tests; too many wrong and you won't be able to move past the checkpoint and unlock the next set of lessons.


Thanks for the explanation I use the phone app usually, but somehow I was unaware of this. And I do make mistakes now and then, even though I am a very stable genius.

c'', }


Aye, the first part of the audio is unnaturally fast to my ear.


I have typed the correct answer three times now and it keeps saying I'm wrong. How do I get past this?


Copy-and-paste what it says is the correct answer. If that doesn't work, report it and skip to the test. Good luck!

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