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  5. "A bheil Tormod air bhioran?"

"A bheil Tormod air bhioran?"

Translation:Is Norman excited?

December 20, 2019



I listened to the audio several times and compared it with what is written in the text..... no chance that I would have ever guessed what she is saying :-) she is sooooo fast. I wish there was a slow-down-button


A bruidhinn nas slaodache button would be wonderfully useful.


This is only possible for courses that use a text to speech engine unfortunately.


i think part of it is that the 'a bheil' sounds like it ends in a 'ch' sound. I presume this is pronunciation local to a particular (group of) islands, but it is a little hard to pick out if you're not reading.


I agree. I find this person hardest of all to hear in recordings but this one defeated me too.


Defeated. Even after several listens I could not get the name

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