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  5. "Olivas ad forum portamus."

"Olivas ad forum portamus."

Translation:We carry the olives to the forum.

December 20, 2019



In all previous lessons, forum was translated as market. Now they either didn't translate it or forgot to?


Forum is used in English as well. If they didn't accept market, then report it.


Not willing to sound confusing, but the first meaning is square (not in geometrical sense, but in urbanistic one), when capitalized means the Forum of Rome, which was the central square and was actually a market square, therefore the meaning market


When does porto mean carry and when does it mean bring.


I'm a native Italian speaker and I've been studying Latin for over 10 years. To my knowledge "porto" means both "carry" and "bring", the difference is based only on the context and on the speaker's interpretation. In this specific sentence they should be both acceptable


I'll add a bit to the explanation above: carry - unfinished action (still carrying there, unknown if i'll succeed to), bring - finished action (the olives end up on/in the forum). You can decide which one to use only within the context, otherwise both are valid


There is no answer should be We carry the olives to the market

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