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I have Ideas for how to improve the Arabic course

I have several issues with the Arabic course which I'd like to make known. 1) The writing can be SO SMALL. I've barely learned the symbols, so not only am I unfamiliar but I can't even distinguish the letters they're so small... it is frustrating. 2) The listening portion of the alphabet learning section is pointless. I know how to write sounds I hear in English already. At least match the sounds with letters in Arabic..... 3) Soo.. more exercises need to be devoted to practicing the sounds to which each letter corresponds (NOT matching English writing to a sound... rather matching Arabic writing and the sound). As well as exercises actually writing Arabic to a given letter sound. 4) So many matching exercises... but they don't really help me. It would be more helpful to hear a sound and have to pick out from ONLY Arabic writing... or even better have to write it out myself.

In conclusion... fewer English letters.... and BIGGER Arabic letters
:D Does anyone agree?

December 20, 2019



I agree. The Arabic from English course on Duolingo is not mature enough. It needs a lot of additional work. We definitely need some people to work on it.

The letter size could be changed in the web or phone, but huge letters are definitely neeeded at the beginning and they could be smaller later in the course.

I'd guess it could help to copy some stuff from the reverse tree, which is quite extensive.


Your comment here about the reverse tree gave me the idea of creating another account, where I put Arabic as my own language, learning English. I started yesterday, so I can not say too much about it yet, but so far it seems really challenging, so I hope to learn much more that way.

Thank you very much for the idea.


The size of the letters don't bother me but I know you're not the first to raise that issue. I like the course. My only issue with it is that when you practice lessons or try to restore the lesson after it's broken for a while most of the practice is reviewing letters and sounds and not constructing sentences or working on vocabulary. There's ways around that I guess. I could make flash cards but I would rather reinforce vocabulary during the practice sessions.


I absolutely agree with you. Practice should be more sentence construction and vocabulary rather than alphabet review.


I found the alphabet tedious as someone whos learned it already but it didnt occur to me that this would also be an issue for people who completed the lessons and want to review.

I definitely wish the alphabet practice were separate lessons from other skills so people could decide what they want to work on.


Yes this Arabic course is terrible i should have just started learing it without duo lingo


I, too, am having difficulties with the size of the letters - I am in alphabet 3 and the exercises with the four choices are big enough, but the ones where there are about five with matching sounds are so tiny I have to go back and forth with enlarging the screen to see them properly and then reducing so I can continue. Larger ones for sure would be on my list of preferred changes.


I agree with the comment on typesize for the Arabic script. It's almost impossible to distinguish letters, let alone the diacritics. But thanks to the contributor who pointed out the way to blow them up yourself (see below). I have just finished the tree but am continuing to practice for the moment. Looking forward to the next instalment and more volcabulary, plus past and future tenses of verbs.


I would like to ask them to extend the course also, there are so few categories, I know nothing and I´m already coming close to the end.


I just finished the Arabic tree الحمد لله, all 5 crowns. It is nice for beginners, hopefully it will be extended indeed.

With the tree at its maximum, the level for Arabic is only 15, for other courses that would be 25, right?

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