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"Chan eil Catrìona slaodach, tha i luath."

Translation:Catriona is not slow, she is fast.

December 20, 2019


[deactivated user]

    If I'm staring at the answer and play the audio over and over, I can kind of make out what is being said. Without the words in front of me, the second half of this sentence in just gibberish.


    The audio sounds fine to me, it is a native speaker in the recording. I think "gibberish" is a bit unnecessary here though.


    I had difficulty with this -I could not make out the name in this audio even on repeated listening


    Sounds like a dialect thing to me. The L is more like W - “…tha i bhuath” instead of “…tha i luath”.

    Challenging, but good to know what’s out there in the real world.


    I managed to get this right as I'm getting used to how this lady speaks but boy, is is fast! Don't think I'd manage in the "real world"!


    This is a really difficult lesson so will leave it for the time being and come back later when I have a better understanding of the pronunciation.

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