"grian dhearg"

Translation:a red sun

December 20, 2019



I'm hearing this more as (phnetically) gu-dee-an. Even with grian in front of me to choose from, I couldn't work it out.


Agree. I heard (in English phonetically) "green deerh yan yer yack." And I would have expected grian to sound more like gree-yan, as the other speakers in the course pronounce it, if I remember right. I wonder what part of Scotland this speaker comes from.


There are basically three different “r”s. There’s the one with the tongue at the bottom of the mouth, one where the tongue flicks the top/ridge behind the the teeth and one where it’s rolled (there are actually a few more but down low, up high and rolled are good general descriptions).

English loves the one where the tongue is down low. Most Scots I’ve known tend to use the one where the tongue taps the roof/ridge, especially when speaking in Scots and in Gaelic. That’s the one you’re hearing here.


Ok this is ridiculous. This segment is supposed to be about animals not the weather. And the animals that are mentioned, snake, frog, crow? How about a deer! It is Scotland!

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